From product sourcing to shipping fulfilment, we provide a complete service.

Alcoholic Beverages

Unique Worldwide plays an active role in the distribution of alcoholic beverages in West Africa and have been doing so for many decades.

An increasing number of manufacturers desire to expand into West Arica as an undeveloped market. We have partnered with the leading brands situated in the United Kingdom, Europe and across the globe and have enabled these products to reach an otherwise untouched market.

Africa’s rising middle class and the evolving young consumer are adopting similar consumption patterns to those of Europe and the United States. Factors involved include an increase in brand loyalty and a preference for premium brands; urbanisation; and the increasing number of female alcohol consumers.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Unique Worldwide ship a variety of soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages to West Africa.

We have been distributing Eva non-alcoholic Fruit Juice (known in Nigeria as Eva Wine), for over 50 years. Eva is the staple celebration drink in Nigeria and consumed by millions of people annually.

With an increase in those not consuming alcohol for health or religious reasons, interest in soft and non-alcoholic beverages is rising.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Unique Worldwide provides a complete range of baby and feminine hygiene products, including some of our famous brands such as My Babe, Yofi and Forever Easy which have become market leaders.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of products and our also able to provide private label solutions.

Used Clothing

With our knowledge, expertise and connections in the clothing sector, we can offer high quality used clothing and recycled textiles from the premier sorters throughout the UK, Europe, USA and China.

We make regular inspections to these sorting plants to ensure that the grading and baling is kept to the highest of standards for all our clients.

We offer 20’ and 40’ containers of assorted used clothing, graded and sorted in line with the requirements and preferences to the country to which it is being shipped. Along with a full and comprehensive packing list we can offer men’s, women’s and children’s clothing across all ranges and sizes

Shipping Services

Unique Worldwide provides our customers with a complete shipping service, fully trackable from collection to delivery. Due to the volume of shipments made through our company, our freight rates are among the most competitive available.